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Welcome to my little corner of the world! I love connecting and teaching people about spirituality so you can start living your best life! I will be taking spirits guidance on what they would like me to write about. I am also open to any suggestions or curiosities that I know we all have.

Lets get the boring part out of the way, so we can get to the nitty gritty! My name is Nicole and I am a psychic medium that resides in Canada. My life passion is to help people heal and align themselves so nobody is living in a state of fear of the future or the unknown. In 2015 I was one of those people. I had the Monday to Friday job, and I was in a marriage that was not healthy for me. Everyday I dreaded coming home and my happy place was at work. I had two beautiful daughters that I felt like I was failing everyday because I wasn't happy and didn't know how to be. One day, I mustard up the courage... the courage to leave my marriage. I had no plan, I didn't know where to go, what was going to happen or if I was going to be okay. All my fears flashed before my eyes while my heart contradicted every fear. My heart screamed that I was going to be okay, screamed that this is my opportunity, and screamed that if I didn't do it now, I would never do it. I did it.

I stood in my kitchen and swore to myself to never forget the SPLIT SECOND that came over me that this was the right decision and that I'll never look backwards once I leave. That split second got me over more hurdles than I care to count. That moment is when my entire life changed. Little did I know that one solid moment of "knowing" turned my life upside down for the next 2 years. Over the next two years a series of events happened. I will give you the brief overview for now. Once I left my marriage I became severely depressed and was diagnosed with PTSD. Months later my house burned down, my dog got killed, and I lost my job. Now what?

Well I relied on that moment. That moment gave me trust. I knew that moment didn't exist for nothing. I trusted whole heartedly that this was giving me new strength, new purpose, and a new life. I felt like I had to fight for my life everyday for the next two years. I ended up turning to meditation. I would spend 3-4 hours a night in the bathtub meditating. That was the only place I felt safe from my life and at peace. Through that, and my trust in that moment in kitchen everything started aligning. I gained a relationship with spirit and I was blessed enough for them to open my gifts up to help others. 7 years later, and I am living my dream and my best life.

I will prepare you though, if you are looking for someone who is going to walk you through spirituality with love and light, you are on the wrong blog! Don't get me wrong, it's there but spirituality is raw, real, hard truths, and sometimes painful. If you stick with me (and I hope you do) the light on the other side is magical and filled with love, peace, and trust. I look forward to reading everyone's curiosities and answering as many questions as I can.


~ N

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